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A Side-by-Side Ticket Cost Comparison

The most important decision for your Disney vacation is your ticket purchase. However, unless you are seasoned tourist, it is difficult to decide which ticket purchase will best suit your needs–and budget. The core tenet of Disney tickets is, “The more you play, the less you pay.”

In the image above, I have created a side by side comparison of how much each days’ ticket would cost with and without Park Hopper, Genie+, Water Parks and Sports option, and Park Hopper Plus. The prices in light green are adult (ages 10+) prices, and just below, not shaded, are children’s prices (ages 3-9). The prices I have listed are specifically for a visit beginning on June 1st, so prices would be lower or higher based on the season of your stay.

Keep in mind that Disney World has four parks, and they want you in all of them. Thus, a 1 to 4 Day ticket will have you paying essentially full price for each day’s ticket, approximately $110+ a day. However, if you look at a 6-Day ticket, it goes down to about $85 a day. What is even more wild is that the price between a 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 Day is minimal—as in there is only a $90 difference in the total cost from 5 to a 10 Day ticket.

Unfortunately, most people don’t use “vacation” as a verb; most are tied to X amount of vacation days. As a result, choices and “sacrifices” have to be made. What I would recommend for one group varies drastically for another.

For example, if there are no children in your party and you cannot fit in a 4 Day ticket, perhaps a Park Hopper ticket would be best for you because you have the freedom to explore all the parks even if you don’t have four days to explore the parks.

However, perhaps it is the family vacation. My nine-year-old son and I are the types who like to spend 9+ hours in the park each day, but keeping up that stamina for entire week is exhausting. My new favorite ticket with my son is the Water Park and Sports option.

A 4-Day ticket with with the Water Park and Sports option allows for four theme park entrances plus four entrances into either water parks or mini-golf rounds. Now, you can take a break from the theme parks and lounge about the water parks for a couple days. Is the crowd or heat in the theme parks too much for you ALL day? Leave the theme park to save some money for lunch by eating in town and stop by for a round of mini-golf before hitting the parks again in the evening.

If you would like to make a copy of my spreadsheet to play with your own dates or would like advice for your ticket options, send me a chat through my site or message me directly through Facebook.

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