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Disney World Easter Eggs

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever.” ~Walt Disney

When I became a true Disney World junkie, I kept hearing so many people reminiscing about the way Disney used to be, this unfortunately led to FOMO on my part. However, just because something changes, it doesn’t mean that it is forgotten.

Disney World does a wonderful job of uniquely incorporating references to original attractions in its modern, updated attractions. Most recent in people’s memories will be Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway which replaced The Great Movie Ride. In one scene of Runaway Railway, there is a poster for “The Great Moving Ride” in honor of the building’s former attraction.

The nerd in me appreciates even more the tributes to attractions which were formerly based on literary works. For example, Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid, you can see a nod to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Within the queue of the ride, you will find the Nautilus submarine carved onto part of the rock work; the submarine was also the ride vehicle of the former attraction.

Perhaps my favorite elements embedded are with the Many Adventures of Winne the Pooh which is housed at Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride’s former location. If you look closely at the scene with Owl being handed a deed, it is being given by none other than Mr. Toad himself! Mr. Toad also makes an “appearance” at The Haunted Mansion…on a tombstone in the Pet Cemetery at the exit.

“When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.” ~Walt Disney

Your MagicBand does so much!

Although smartphones can do much of what can be accomplished with a MagicBand, I will be a diehard MagicBand fan for years to come. The basics of MagicBand capabilities include using them as a room “key” to your resort and accessing your park “ticket”.

Every Disney resort guest should know you can charge almost any Disney park and restaurant purchase to your MagicBand and pay later at your resort, thus alleviating the need to carry around many cards or cash. An itemized account is always available detailing purchases from each MagicBand in your party, so you will never have any mysteries as to where the money went. MagicBand purchases can be PIN protected because perhaps you don’t want your child to have purchase power. Personally, I love being able to send my son to get his own snack (within my sight) without having to physically send him with my credit card!

MagicBand powers are due to their chip technology which help to automatically sync on-ride photos for select rides. If you ever look on My Disney Experience and see a ride photo preview but don’t remember scanning your MagicBand at the photo station, that’s part of the Disney “magic”.

A recent discovery for us was when my son’s Sketch Dogs MagicBand “barked” at a couple scan points. At first, only he noticed it, but then he had us all listening. Two days later, it barked again! A cast member said they never know which bands will “speak” and they don’t always at each touchpoint. My Disney partner’s Haunted Mansion MagicBand recently made ghoulish sounds at The Haunted Mansion!

Lastly, although MagicBand tracking of your party is not available on the app, if you temporarily misplace your child and contact any Disney cast member, your child wearing a MagicBand will help Disney to locate your child. (No judgment from me on “misplacing” a child at Disney; it happens, but rest assured that Disney will help you find your child one hundred times’ faster than you could on your own.)

“Happiness is a state of mind. It’s just according to the way you look at things.” ~Walt Disney

Next to Mother Nature, Disney World is my idea of eye candy with beauty and wonder to be found everywhere. However, most often take the ground under their feet for granted.

In Magic Kingdom, in the groundwork at Storybook Circus you will find peanuts embedded and around The Magic Carpets of Aladdin, there are gems and tiles scattered about. Mother Gothel from Tangled is my Disney twin, so I appreciate Maximus’s hoof prints near the Tangled restrooms. Think what you will, but I truly wish I could replace my tile with the glittery flooring from the Buzz Lightyear queue!

In Pandora at Animal Kingdom, Imagineers outdid themselves. During the day, you will notice nature elements with semi-faded color splashes. However, at night, the land comes alive and the ground literally glows beneath you. Even if you have already been in Pandora during the day, make sure to take a stroll through on your way out.

Over in Hollywood Studios, elements in Toy Story Land make you feel that you have shrunk to the size of a toy, and throughout Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, you will see droid tracks in a variety of locations. These are just some of the details you can spot if you look down; just, don’t forget to look up too so you don’t bump into anyone!

“Whatever you do, do it well.” ~Walt Disney

The Keys to the Kingdom: Disney parks follow specific keys of customer service that guide all that they do. In their order of importance, the keys are: Safety, Courtesy, Show, Efficiency, and Inclusion. By keeping these ideas always in the forefront of their customer service, Disney is able to create magical experiences for park guests.

Ever notice store doors propped open hot days? Disney uses the courtesy key with their store doors propped open so that guests walking by feel the cool breeze. Guests are lured into the stores for some cool down time but often end up walking back out with some Disney swag in their bags. With courtesy being higher up on Disney’s keys, the money lost on cooling may outweigh the profit acquired from guest purchases.


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