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How to Book & Save

Since becoming an affiliate with David’s Vacation Club, I’ve been able to share so many resort options that have left my friends in awe. However, everyone always has the same questions, so here’s a basic guide to get you started. Of course, I am more than happy to walk you through everything, but not everyone is as vocal as me.

Step One: Click on the David’s banner at the top or bottom of any my pages. This automatically links you to my account, and Momma likes to be acknowledged! Please make sure to do this, especially when it comes time to actually book.

Step Two: Always check for discounts first! Click on the menu and head to the DVC Guests page and then to Dedicated Reservations for Rent. This is where you will find the deepest discounts, but they cannot be modified. They are pre-booked stays for specific dates and resorts that vacation club owners have decided to sell, but they are sold only as advertised. If you are flexible with your dates, you can almost always find a great deal after stalking the page for a couple weeks (or I can do that for you upon request).

Here's what is available when I search in April for a studio, which is larger than standard hotel rooms. That Old Key West reservation over Easter weekend is very tempting!

Step Three: Also under the DVC Guests tab, head over to the Cost Calculator. You can enter any set of dates through January 2024 for up to a two week stay. Here you can see all of the prices for all Disney Vacation Club resorts separated into room categories (studios, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, grand villas, treehouse villas, cabins, and bungalows) and views (I have never felt the need to upgrade my view but have always been happy view).

The number one question that people question I get is, “That is the price per night, right?” And the answer is NO! The price you see quoted with the cost calculator is everything resort room related for the entire duration of your stay!

Since Fall Break is seven months away, that means it is time start planning for an October Disney vacation! Just listen to the logic: Summer break is wonderful, but everyone else has the same idea, so at this point, it is slim pickings. That’s not to say that summer is overly crowded at Disney, but October is the sweet spot. Keep in mind that we are talking about Florida, so you are still lounging at the pool but you are not swimming in your own sweat by noon while trekking through the parks.

Step Four: Check our David’s virtual room tours--not even Disney does that for their rooms! Under the Information tab, go to Virtual Tours/Videos, and then to Disney Vacation Club Resorts. Click on any resort and room and get a realistic point of view from all angles of each room. Not all rooms are created equal, so this is great in learning how much bang you are getting for your buck.

Still not sure? Reach out to me, and I can give you advice based on your interests and needs. I find it is best to have three resort options in mind…

Step Five: Head back over to the DVC Guests tab and down to the Reservation Form. You are going to enter your requested dates and up to three resort and room options and your group information. You will have to put down a $133 partial payment for David’s to try to secure your reservation. They advertise it as non-refundable, but that is only if they are able to secure the exact room and dates you requested and you refuse it. If you are not interested in the alternate options they provide, your $133 partial payment is refunded to you. If you end up booking with a room, that $133 goes towards the balance you originally saw on the cost calculator.

Step Six: What to do if your request is not available. Under that same deposit, they will reach out to you via email and continue to search for options for you; all you have to do is tell them what is an absolute for you. Are your dates set in stone? If you are staying for a week, consider resort hopping if a shorter stay is available in time frame. I often stay at a bougie resort for half my vacation but go economy the other half. Or, if you had your heart set on a certain resort, they will search over a couple month stretch for a particular room for you.

Worst case scenario, you don’t like any alternate option they have provided, tell them and have your $133 partial payment refunded to you.

Step Seven: It’s time to buy tickets, head over to my ticket affiliate program at Undercover Tourist. Once you have successfully secured your room reservation, click on my link:

This is the only third-party vendor of Disney World (and Universal, Disneyland, SeaWorld, and Legoland) that I would trust with my money. With their confirmation number, you can directly link your tickets into your My Disney Experience so that you can start booking park entry reservations and more! FYI, my commission is only $2 per ticket order, so I am not promoting them because I am getting rich off commissions; they are just the best deal that everyone should know about.

While at Undercover Tourist, consider checking out their crowd calendar. Although crowd calendars are not as reliable as what they were pre-COVID, they can be helpful in choosing which park to visit on which day of the week.


Hello, I'm Kelly Nixon

I'm a Disney-loving mom and teacher who has dedicated a ridiculous amount of time to researching the best way to do Disney-to maximize the quality of time and minimize the dollars spent!

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