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Looming Price Increases & Discount Tickets

Bad News: All credible sources indicate that a Disney World ticket price increase is likely to hit by the end of the month or mid-February at the latest. I know most of us don't have disposable income, but if you have the ability to purchase Disney tickets for anytime in 2022 and beyond, you'll likely save some money if you purchase now.

Fabulous News: As of today, I have became an affiliate with the only third-party discount ticket vendor that I would trust. I will have to follow up with more details when I have more time, but as an example, a four-day + water park and sports option through me/us will save you $53-no hidden fees, no gimmicks, etc..

Message me directly if immediately you have more questions before I can give a more detailed post. However, if you would like to start browsing, check them out here:


Hello, I'm Kelly Nixon

I'm a Disney-loving mom and teacher who has dedicated a ridiculous amount of time to researching the best way to do Disney-to maximize the quality of time and minimize the dollars spent!

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