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My Review of Disney Tourist Blog’s “When’s Cheapest to Visit Disney World in 2022?”

As I was reading Tom Bricker’s (my favorite Disney guru) article on the cheapest times to stay at Disney World, he made me curious as to how his direct through Disney prices compare to the deals offered by David’s Vacation Club Rentals. DVC points’ “cost” is published years in advance, so they are not as easily affected by recent changes in the economy-like a pandemic or a recession.

As expected, DVC prices vary by weeks with holidays and typical school breaks being more expensive. For example, the week of Easter (when many schools in the country take their spring breaks) and Christmas through New Year’s Eve are almost double in price to the cheapest times of the year. To giver further insight, I am including Bricker’s original pieces in the italicized portions and then I will be commenting on how those compare to Disney Vacation Club rentals.

As prices increase, more vacation planners might wonder when is the cheapest time to go to Walt Disney World? This post answers that, with seasons, weeks, and specific dates that are less expensive and less crowded than the most expensive and busiest travel holidays.

…discounting is the key–or rather, the lack thereof next year…There are a lot of people still itching to make up for lost time traveling, and Walt Disney World isn’t operating at 100% due to staffing shortages. This is particularly pronounced on the resort side of the business, where there’s a lack of housekeepers, food court workers, and other key positions necessary to operate resorts at 100% guest loads. As a result of that supply-demand mismatch, Walt Disney World has not needed to offer discounts for the last 6+ months…

This lack of Disney discounts actually works in favor of renting DVC points because you can plan ahead, booking that guaranteed saving without having to check every morning for three months for the latest Disney discount-only to realize at the last minute that the discount is never coming and all of your favorite rooms are already booked (Yes, I am talking about myself-more than once).

For the purpose of this review, I have pulled data for Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, a resort in the mid-range of the DVC properties-which are ALL Deluxe resorts. I have tallied the cost for an entire week’s resort stay, and it varies from $1,843 to $3,477. That’s a ton of moola and definitely can determine if you can take a Disney vacation and how many days of park tickets are in your budget. In all fairness, this would not be one of my favorite DVC rental resorts because I either like to pinch my pennies and choose one of the more affordable resorts OR I go big and go extreme luxury; Copper Creek falls dead center between those extremes.

Within each year, January and February are the cheapest months to visit. Specifically, January 9-13 and January 17 through mid-February. Prices spike for the week of Presidents’ Day, falling again the next week–but not as low as those early-year off-season dates.

For DVC rentals, this does not hold true. The entire month of January is the second cheapest time of the year to visit at $2,033 for a week. However, February 1-15 jumps up to $2,299, but then from the 16-28, it goes up to $2,508. That puts the last two weeks of February in the bracket of the second most expensive weeks of the year!

Following that, early March is generally another sweet spot, as is the end of the month. Spring Break, Mardi Gras, and Easter all bring with them significant spikes to both pricing and crowds. In fact, attendance is almost always a good proxy for prices. If you consult our 2022 Walt Disney World Crowd Calendar and look for the least busy dates, you’ll also generally find the cheapest dates. As a general rule, higher prices do not deter people from visiting or “redistribute” attendance.

Did he say that March is a potential sweet spot, when those in this area often have school breaks? No such luck for DVC rentals with the entire month of March through the first week of April being $2,508-putting it in that same second highest bracket mentioned before.

Fast-forward past Easter, and that week (after the holiday) through the week before Memorial Day once again see lower prices. This is technically considered “regular” season, but it’s on par with some dates in mid-February and is the cheapest Walt Disney World will be until early August.

This is a good news and bad news scenario. April 10-17 which encompasses the Easter holiday (when many school districts across the country have extended breaks) is in the HIGHEST bracket of the year at $3,477 a week. April 18-23 is slightly better at $2,508 a week, and then April 24-30 goes down to $2,375-still not exactly a steal.

However, Memorial Day has zero effect on DVC rentals as the entire month of May through June 10 running $2,166 a week. With that being just over $300 more than the cheapest time of year, this could be an ideal situation. It’s perfect for a post-graduation trip or for a family vacation if you don’t mind pulling your kids out of school to take advantage of the low crowds and cost.

About a week before schools go back into session, prices decrease again. This occurs earlier on the hotel side of the equation than with park tickets, presumably because locals continue visiting after tourists stop traveling–and only the latter books hotel stays.

When Bricker mentions schools going back, he’s referring to the majority of the country, which goes back to school around Labor Day. This means that from June 11 through August 31 will run you $2,299. If you are determined not to have the kids miss any school, that’s not terrible at $450 over the lowest cost of the year and still under the highest time by $1,200.

Starting the third Sunday of August, prices return to near their lowest levels of the year and stay there until mid-September (with the notable exception of Labor Day weekend). Costs do get higher from then until early October, but it’s by a nominal amount. Technically, these rates are higher than off-season dates in January and February. As noted above, that can be further exacerbated by intervening price increases on tickets, food, etc.

However, it can also be more than offset by discounts that tend to be offered in the fall offseason. Again, Free Dining is the big one here–but not even the regular Disney Dining Plan has returned yet, so that’s a big wildcard for 2022. Assuming Free Dining does return, it’s usually blocked out for the entire month of October.

If you have been waiting for the absolute cheapest time of year for a DVC resort stay, September is it at $1,843 for the week’s resort stay. You partner that with September often being the months with the lowest crowds, it’s a win-win. September is one of my bucket list times to visit.

Prices for October through early December tend to be a veritable roller coaster depending upon whether it’s a holiday week/end or not. Columbus Day, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving all see spikes–some fairly massive. Same goes for runDisney race weekends.

October through the end of the year is a rollercoaster. October 1 through November 22 and November 26-30 all will run you $2,299. I have taken advantage of this during our school fall break and have loved it each time.
The week of Thanksgiving isn’t as bad on price as what you may expect-$2,508 for the week-but it is known to have significant crowds.

If it’s not one of those weeks or weekends, pricing is near its lowest levels of the year through the first week of December. That gradually escalates beginning the second week in December, culminating in the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Beginning December 16 and lasting until the end of the calendar year, holiday season kicks in and prices hit their highest levels of the entire year. There’s a lot of uncertainty about next year, but we can say with almost complete confidence that the most expensive dates to visit Walt Disney World in 2022 are December 16-31.

December 1-14 is a steal at $2,033 a week, and December 15-23 is only a bit more at $2,166 a week. #1 on my bucket list is to visit after Thanksgiving, just in time to take advantage of the holiday festivities but avoid the cost and crowds.
When you won’t find me at Disney is December 24-31 at $3,477 for you resort stay, I don’t think I have been good enough for Santa to cover that trip.

Of course, remember that the prices I have included are not for the most affordable nor the most luxurious DVC resort, but I hope that I have potentially solved part of the Disney mystery for you.


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