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Spring & Easter Break "Deals"

It’s Christmas break, and teachers like me are celebrating that we’ve officially made it! So what comes next? Planning for the next break, of course! When looking for an excellent deal, as long as you already know the size of your party and an approximate date range, the deals will come-if you are patient.

Currently, I am browsing the deals being offered for spring and Easter breaks. The best parts of visiting during these deals is that you don’t have to worry about pulling the kiddos out of school as much and there is the beauty and wonder of the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival. To learn more about the Flower & Garden Festival, check out my previous post with pictures and a synopsis of Bricker’s 2021 Epcot Flower & Garden Festival Guide.

Three out of four of my top pick spring and Easter break deals are completely unavailable if you are attempting to book through Disney right now. The only dates which you could book through Disney is Animal Kingdom Villas at Jambo House One Bedroom (Value) for April 11-17 for only $7,080.78-which is $3,394 more than the deal I am promoting! In all fairness, spring and Easter breaks are nearly tied with Christmas in being the most expensive times to visit, but if not missing school is that important, then may be these are the deals for you.

To give the best side by side comparison of these deals, I’ve taken a snapshot of the interactive 3D models from David’s room tours. To access these virtual tours yourself, click on the David’s link at the top of my main page or bottom of any page. Once you are on David’s, go to the “Information” tab and then head to “Virtual Tours/Videos”. Anyone can look up a generic video of the resort, but these interactive tours give a realistic perspective on what to expect from your potential room.

Now to the details:

From March 12 through March 19, there are two One Bedroom options, which means a separate, lock-off bedroom, full kitchen, living room area, and two bathrooms. They both accommodate 5 adults, but there’s also plenty of space throughout in case you have a brood of kids you want to separate with a mattress on the floor.

A One Bedroom week’s stay at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa would be $4,313 and the coveted Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort is $5,092. With neither of these being the bargain prices, I suppose I would go ahead and pop for the extra at Bay Lake Tower so I could watch Magic Kingdom fireworks from the resort (possibly from my balcony).

If the sticker shock of spring break made you gasp, Easter may be the deal for you. As mentioned previously, a One Bedroom for April 11-17 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas is $3,686-almost half of the same accommodations directly through Disney.

For a quick weekend getaway and only two days away from school, you could stay in the largest studios on Disney property at Disney’s Old Key West from April 14-18 for $1,824.

If you are interested in these deals, simply click on the David’s banner on my page and head to the “DVC Guests” tab and then down to “Dedicated Reservations for Rent”. However, if you would like some more information, tips on vacation times, and resorts to choose, send me a message anytime!


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